Stuart Boyle

@ Peninsula Poultry Breeders Association

Stuart and his partner Michelle started in poultry because of a desire to know where their food came from and how it was processed. On a small farm once part of a settler’s homestead, they raise two breeds of heritage chickens, Delawares and Jersey Giants. Being involved in all aspects of their poultry venture led them to becoming proficient at processing birds for the table, and forming a local cooperative to help others do the same.

Peninsula Poultry Breeders is a collaborative network of local farmers who are committed to providing quality live poultry for the home and small commercial market in Western Washington State. We offer a sustainable, humane alternative to corporate-run hatcheries. We breed to a standard of excellence that includes vigorous health, high productivity, breed conformation, stable temperaments and true dual purpose. We offer excellent customer support, especially to new poultry owners, and guarantee the health of our birds at purchase. We follow humane breeding and hatching principles and house our birds in natural living conditions where they can be outdoors in a flock setting, hunt for bugs, dust bathe, and graze on pasture.